Isometric Space
I was always fascinated with space, wanted to become an Astro Physics Scientist before Art happened. so basically I built my own small little space world.

This animation is based on few of my memories from New York. Bagels, Coffee runs, Screens everywhere, Subway Trains, Central Park and of course the Empire State!
Animated Baltimore Oriole's logo for their spring season.
amazon studios 
Created a logo animation for "AMAZON STUDIOS" based on how playful and energetic their brand is. Amazon Studios opened recently and the first thing I saw on their website was them asking for script submissions. That felt very approachable. The aim became to reflect their approachability+playfulness.
Type Study
An  Animation exploring a Drop Cap that I designed.
An Exploration based on the concepts of opposites.
Using the primitives shapes, explored lighting techniques and animation techniques.
Emoji Movie Lockup 
Redesigned the Logo Title from the posters of the EMOJI Movie and animated it.
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