A security application for mobile devices. You can set up automated alerts and it will send notifications of your whereabouts to your selected contacts.

Why do i need it?
In this virtual world, we have so many applications to safe guard our technology but very minimal set of applications to safe guard us.
When i was young, i have heard my mom tell me to always text her the number of the cab i get in to, Today my friends do that when i leave a party. This is just one example there are many like going out with a guy on tinder etc. We are interacting with so many unknown people everyday it is always good to have an app track where we are.
How is it different from just sending my location?
This Application syncs in with Facebook, lyft/Uber, contacts and mail. Suppose in a conversation you talk of going somewhere, it detects the time and place and ask you if it can sync and if you want it to go to your contacts. for example if you are leaving a club drunk you can press a button and it sends alerts to your contacts.
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